All aboard the Siberian Express!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

I don't know about anyone else but I was more than glad that the Siberian Express made a stop in my town!

This collection of photos was from last Tuesday when we were first hit with snow. My friend lives downtown so we were able to walk around the streets with the towns brightly lit streetlights. Admittedly I didn't want to go out at first but my friend convinced me otherwise, "But you can take photos of the snow!", touche, touche.

This was the second hit of snow we got on Saturday. I was so excited to wake up to this because the snow wat already melting from Tuesday. But unlike Tuesday it snowed for hours maybe 6/10 hours. I'm pretty sure we got more than a foot of snow that day. Mimi was a trooper out in the snow! I wonder how the snow felt under her little paws, burr. I tried trekking to my friends a few times but the blizzard made it so hard to see and the snow kept sticking to my boot which made me slip a few times. Funny thing is my friend only lives 2 blocks down the street but what usually take me a few minutes felt like an hour.

If you can't tell from this photo bomb, Winter is my favorite season.
Many reasons why that is the case:

  • Snow 
  • The bitterness of how cold it can it during this season. (I hate being hot. Like A LOT.)
  • Snow days. How everything seems to slow down and you can catch up on rest.
  • I love seeing people shovel snow. I get to see faces in my neighborhood that I usually see and everyone seems so united in this one task. 
  • I was totally obsessed with peppermint hot coco for a bit.
  • Christmas spirit and lights. I really don't care for presents, I love the aura that people give off during the time of holiday. 

Did Siberian Express stop by your resistance? If so show/link to me pictures!! xo

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  1. love your photography! i have to admit i'm so sick of winter haha

    xx danielle // shades of danielle