Industrial Loft

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
window blackboard
In the time when the first snow storm hit (last Tuesday) I stayed over at my friend's apartment. These are a few parts of her apartment I love.

The deck to her apartment is pretty big. But the view is so nice! You can see parts of our town's downtown and the view ventures out to the other side of town also! The door to the deck although is freaking heavy and it's a total pain.

wall art

pinterest wall art

wall art
With the help of Pinterest, a stop on the wall was made in a nice wall art. I wasn't all for it at first but, it all kinda came together in the end.

industrial ceiling

industrial ceiling
Heres a bit of industrial part of the loft. All around the place you can see lighting, vents and other pieces emerge from the ceiling

homemade cookies
We didn't do much that day but lazed round.and go to the gym. Even though there isn't much decorations, she moved in about 2 months ago, I still find it cozy and simple with what's there now. I leave you guys with cookies she made the night before.

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