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Friday, February 13, 2015

A big thank you to my sister for bringing Real Techniques brushes into my life!

Around the Holiday season my sister called me to tell me about a deal that she got at Kohls. She had bought a brush set and she was letting me know what a really good price they were. When she said that they were from the company Real Techniques my ears perked up a bit. I have heard about them countless of times from Beauty Gurus on Youtube but, most of keeped recommending brushes that were at a really high price range (most of them sold brush sets for around  $80+), I figured that Real Techniques was going to be out of my range also so, I didn't look into it. When she told me the set was around $30 I went to my Kohls ASAP. Not only did I get the Nic Collection that my sister was mentioning I also bought the Real Techniques Bronzer brush. I did end up getting a discount when applied for a Kohls card. In all, I paid around $30 for everything (I pretty much got the bronzer brush for free.).

All I got to say that these brushes are a dream! I already had a brush set that I got 3 years ago from Coastal Scents but, I assume my face is becoming more sensitive. Reason being is when I use those brushes the bristles would irritate my skin so much. A main reason why I quickly bought the Real Techniques brushes was to give my skin a break from all the harshness. I can say this is one of the best purchases I've made! They are so soft and each brush has they're own purpose which helps so much! An example of that is when I use the bronzer brush it well only pick up a little bit of the bronzer so, I'm not using so much of the product on my have and over doing it. These brushes make my face look flawless! I loved the brushes I bought at Kohls so much I had to buy the Real Techniques Core Collection and their Starter Kit. Totally would recommend buying Real Techniques brushes if you're looking to advance in your make up skills. I did end up buying the brush sets in different places (Kohls - In-store and Target - On-line) since they had some type of deals on them. So, I'd suggest looking online to find the best deals!

Who else has these brushes? And what you think of them? 

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