DYI: Easy No Nails Canopy + String Flower Deco

Thursday, March 5, 2015

When I was re-doing my bed room last Summer I made a simple canopy that didn't require any nailing onto my ceiling. I'd thought I share how easy and simple it was here.

Things used for this easy no nail canopy DIY:

° Scissors
° 1 Sheer curtains / scarf
-- bought at Big Lots [ 58" x 216" ]
° 3 Command hooks
-- Bought at Target
° Twine
-- Bought at Family Dollar
° 1 White string lights
-- Bought at And That! / Christmas Tree Shop
° 3 Screw Hooks
-- Bought at Wal-Mart

Hope you enjoyed! Also let me know if you re-create this!!!

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