Acrylic Nails

Sunday, May 3, 2015
acrylic nails, acrylics, nail,

About a month ago, I decided to get acrylics done to my nails. Since the tips of my nails were breaking off easily and I also have this bad habit of biting them when I'm stressed. I normally go to this nail salon that's in another town from my own ( about a 25 min drive away from my town) and they've done pretty well with my nails. Many nail shops around my area are known to be a little too harsh with their filing/grinding tools which can get rather annoying. This time instead of going to my normal salon I decided to try another place down the block since I was reading such good reviews about that nail salon. Everything was fine until I told her how I wanted the nail shape, she told me she cut them too short for me to get the desired shape I wanted but I was okay the size I just wanted them to be filed differently. She actually cut them how I wanted them at first, I was super excited but then the filing came in. At first I thought she was perfecting the shape but she then started creating a new shape to the acrylics and proceeded to file the crap out of the sides my natural nails, it hurt. Soon after she came out with the filing/grinder tool again and started to go over my acrylics. She cut 3 of my cuticles with the tool. Thinking they were just some nicks I ignored it. She then took a traditional file and went over my nails quickly. Finally after all that, she had me wash my hands. That's when I noticed that my finger were bleeding a lot. I was furious not only did she see it bleeding, she didn't bother cleaning it and continued filing my nails with a file, I'm pretty sure she didn't even throw that away. I was disgusted with the whole situation that I discontinued the service. When I went to leave she had the nerve to give me attitude for being annoyed with whole the situation. Needless to say I wasn't ever going back and I told a lot of people to not set foot there. For all I know they could be breaking FDA and not throwing away their un-reusable implements. (#`д´)ノ

acrylic nails, acrylics, nail,
[You can see my nail biting habit here .... bleh]
acrylic nails, acrylics, nail,
You can see the cut that was bleeding on my pinky finger
the other two were minor. *sigh*
acrylic nails, acrylics, nail,
In the end I had to refile them anyway to how I wanted them in the first place.
Bleh I'm not a big mani person to begin with (this was my 3rd time getting them done), and I prob won't be getting them done until I find someone who's beyond excellent in this field. *sigh* *sigh* Back to waiting for my nails to grow back healthy. (;_・)

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