about me.

Hello, the name is Hercely. I am a surprisingly 23 year old female (most people believe I'm still 16) with an old soul that resides in a small town in Virginia. I am known to my friends as being a short multi-colored crazy haired odd ball with a fashion to match (whenever I'm not bumming it out, which is most of the time...) who tends to give a lot of life advice. For people don't know me, my name is pronounced her - cell - e, Hercely, see that wasn't so hard. I am also a vegetarian, meatless since 2008. My companion is an 11 year old mixed labrador named Snowcone but, goes by her nickname Mimi. 

about the blog.

I'm really into beauty, fashion, fitness and the small things in life like nature, etc. So, I created this space to organize my thoughts and share opinions about those said things. As a plus, it's always good thing to know that I have something to look back on and see what that point of my life was like.

Created on Feb. 2015 
Blog is about beauty , fashion , life , health , and a little bit of randomness. 
I do take all the pictures in this blog and I do take ownership for them. 
Weapon of choice for my blog:
  • Canon 600d | Photography
  • PicMonkey | Graphics for when I'm lazy
  • Photoshop | Editing  
I re-designed the layout of this blog on my own. (I have previous knowledge of coding dawg.)
On that note, I owe thanks to these websites for aiding me: